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Workplace acoustics is our main area of expertise.
We are skilled at providing acoustic consultancy to Architects, Fitout Companies, Interior Designers & End Users.

Workplace Acoustics – Getting Started

We provide a full suite of acoustic services, taking projects from inception through the stages of:  planning, design, tender, construction, commissioning and handover.

Whether you are considering a new build, refurbishing an existing space or just upgrading your current work environment to better suit your needs; we’re here to help.

Like all projects the process starts with a call or an email to share initial thoughts.

For new builds, inspection of architect drawings will be the next step. For existing spaces a site survey early in the process will be required to gather data on the size of the space and the scale of the problem.

Acoustic Room Modelling

Depending on the nature and scope of the project an electronic assessment may be required. Here our qualified Acousticians use diagnostic equipment to determine sound reverberation times & noise transfer levels between rooms.  Diagnostic software allows us to generate  Acoustic Room Modelling – providing us with guidance on solution type, material selections and coverage required.

Enhance your space with design-driven acoustic excellence.