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Ceiling Acoustic Solutions

Enhance your overhead environments with Think Acoustics’ Acoustic Ceilings. Merging elegant design with superior acoustic control, our ceiling solutions are a testament to our commitment to both aesthetic refinement and functional excellence. Tailored to fit a variety of interior spaces, these acoustic solutions ensure your ceilings contribute to serene and sound-managed settings.

Ceiling Baffles & Rafts

Welcome to our eco-friendly but hugely effective acoustic ceiling baffles & rafts. These innovative sound management solutions offer both aesthetic appeal and superior noise control.

Fabricated from recycled PET drinks bottles, ceiling baffles are in keeping with your sustainability efforts.

Whether you’re designing a modern office, restaurant, or auditorium, acoustic ceiling baffles & rafts provide an elegant and effective means of transforming your space into an acoustically balanced environment.
Significantly reduce noise levels and control sound reflections in your space with a variety of shapes, sizes & colours to match your design vision.

But these panels are not just for noise control; they can also be a striking visual feature in your space.

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Ceiling Attenuation

In office construction and fit out, short-sighted, budget-driven compromises are so often made. These involve the halting of the construction of partition walls beneath a suspended ceiling grid as opposed to the continuation above the grid where the attenuation of problem sound transfer is most in need.

The consequences of this means that post-occupancy evaluations of buildings consistently reveal that the primary source of dissatisfaction is related to acoustics; particularly issues concerning sound privacy.

These concerns are not limited to open spaces; they also extend to improperly designed private rooms.

When individuals enter a private room and close the door, their expectations for sound privacy naturally increase. However, the actual level of privacy they experience is often less than optimum.

A wall is robust and substantial, whereas a ceiling, equipped with openings for lighting and air vents, is significantly less substantial.

So often it’s the ceiling that falls short but remedies are at hand.

THINK’s retrospective acoustic remedial solutions use lightweight acoustic plenum barriers with noise blocking properties. These are carefully combined with other methods to ensure optimal speech privacy and acoustic performance in various building settings.

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Selecting the ideal acoustic ceiling involves a journey of innovation and design. At Think Acoustics, our expertise ensures a smooth journey from concept to installation. Our team is ready to offer personalised guidance, making your transition to better acoustic environments effortless and rewarding.

Contact us today to discover the ideal acoustic ceiling solution uniquely tailored to your needs. A solution that unites impeccable style with unmatched acoustic quality in every aspect.

Enhance your space with design-driven acoustic excellence.