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Introduction to Acoustics

Enhance Your Office Environment with Acoustic Solutions by THINK.

In today’s modern workplaces, creating an optimal environment for productivity and well-being is crucial. One often overlooked aspect is the impact of acoustics on employees’ comfort, wellbeing & efficiency.

Excessive noise and poor sound management can lead to decreased concentration, increased stress levels, and reduced overall job satisfaction.

Thankfully, there are many solutions to address issues like these.

Explore our comprehensive range of office acoustic services & solutions that can transform your workspace into one more harmonious and productive.

How do we do it?

THINK provides a variety of services to optimise space acoustics for you.

Initially we create a comprehensive acoustic model of the space using either empirical formula or electronic assessment equipment.

Then we determine a suitable design objective for your space, working appropriately with your current or proposed interior design finishes.

THINK have a huge range of exclusive acoustic treatments and products including wall panels, ceiling baffles, rafts, lamp shades, furniture, meeting pods and even acoustically rated natural materials like mycelium, moss and cork.

Ceiling Baffles & Rafts

Find out about suspended acoustic ceiling baffles and rafts can help control sound in meeting rooms and offices of any size.

PET Felt Wall Panels

These innovative and sustainably created panel combine stunning bespoke design with exceptional sound-absorbing properties.

Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels

Our selection of acoustic core materials is diverse, and we take great care to ensure a visually pleasing finish using contemporary fabrics.

Pongs Acoustic Wall

Printed Stretched Fabric wall art with a Class A acoustic rated fleece lining.

Ceiling Attenuation

Achieve effective airborne sound attenuation lightweight acoustic plenum barriers

Slat Wall Panels

They’re not what you think. You’ve seen the MDF version but ours are Class A sound absorbing and look even better.

Acoustic Blinds

Learn more about how our sound absorbing acoustic blinds can reduce noise pollution from outside or within the building.

Acoustic Privacy Pods

See how our innovative privacy pods can reduce noise levels while complimenting and working with your office design.

Acoustic Wall Art

Our printable sound absorbing textile is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. Sustainable, environmentally friendly and permanently flame retardant.

Work Zone Dividers & Hanging Screens

Vertical hanging panels for ceilings act as room dividers. These sound absorbers can be moved close to the source of noise for the early absorption of problem sound waves.

3D Tiles

Our 3D range comes in a huge array of colours, shapes and designs to suit any background, providing a high standard of acoustic treatment in a flexible and stylish way.

Mycelium Acoustic Wall Tile

A ground breaking innovation in acoustic wall tiles. Crafted from a unique combination of mycelium and industrial hemp.

Acoustic Lighting

Step into the spotlight with a marriage of innovative lighting design and sound-absorbing materials.

Sound Masking Systems

A white noise technology-driven approach to controlling ambient noise in indoor spaces.

Cork Tiles

Craft an acoustic wall with natural presence and depth.

Natural Preserved Moss

Acoustic Solutions Inspired By Nature

Do you have a nuisance sound problem?

You do when you answer YES to any or all of these questions.

Do you find yourself vying for quiet space in the office?

Do you experience voice echo even at normal level speech?

Do those on the other end of video or voice calls comment on how tinny or echoey you sound?

Is the chat from your meeting rooms or board rooms heard all too intelligibly from outside or in the rooms adjoining?

When nuisance sound, reverberation and echoes negatively impact on either you or the people you work with.

If you are bothered by these or any other types of nuisance noise in the place where you work, learn, rest or play

Then you need to talk to us.

By working with THINK  we can help you…

Understand more about the behaviour of noise sources and sound transfer in your workplace, from chatter and phone calls to HVAC systems and traffic noise.

Delve into the science behind office acoustics and learn how sound can affect employee performance, communication, and comfort.

Discover how investing in acoustic solutions by THINK can lead to increased productivity, improved concentration, and enhanced well-being.

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